Thursday, March 19, 2009

A little Tips & Sharing Experience of Phuket


Welcome to Phuket. I must say that phuket is one of my favourite after been to so many places.
Muslim local food can be easily found in Phuket town but at the  town itself is not the attraction.

Thanks to the plenty of  hotels there that make the hotel cost very cheap as low as RM25.
You can check at or But now agoda is a bit hard as you need to provide with confirmation that you are the owner of credit card.

The happening places is for sure  Patong area, sin city is here as many gogo bar, gay bar, naked bar are easily found. Shopping is also great here. Choose to stay at quieter place and mesmerize with the try stay at Kata Beach.

Don't forget to hop on the elephant for something refreshing or swim with the fish just follow the trip offer by many tourist guide selling package by road side. Don't forget to bargain. If you are lucky you might get 30% cheaper. Island hopping is a must, seriously.

Simon Cabaret show is also a good experience, don't be fool they are transvestite and hardly notice.Hehe..

Last but not least enjoy your vacation and don't forget your sunblock. Be careful with the pick pocket.

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