Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Fitness Centre at Orkid Hotel Melaka-where you can get your chicken.

That statement on the first place will surely ignite some of controversy. This nice boutique hotel located in the heart of Malacca. It's nearby Jonker Street where you will be amaze of its Baba Nyonya antique, foods and merchandise.

It is also nicely located on a walking distance to Malacca River Cruise. For me this attraction is very nice with some feeling of  "I'm in Venice" on it.

Well by the way it's not about Malacca that I want to tell you. This is about the hotel.
Feel of being home is the first entourage when I first stepped in. Our arrival feel welcomed with friendly ice breaker from the staff at the counter.
I must say that the food in this hotel is one of the best not in term of quantity, selection or layout of the coffee house. The coffee house is simplest ever with plenty of table that might deter your movement. Foods was also limited to few choices, but I must say that it is very nicely cooked. Cook in Malacca Malay style.

Three days i stayed there, food was always delighting and tasty. I must say kudos to the chef. Where i Can find something like that in Miri? I'm afraid so..

From the window..

On the same floor with coffee house, situated a fitness center. A sauna and perhaps a gym in my mind on first place. When I entered, one uncle and one gangster looks brother welcomed me. The younger one later brought me to one room, and it is all there where all the negotiation too place. I was told about the price, the ladies, the choices and services.

I don't want to create such havoc to tell you did I or didn't I? Hehehe..

Have you ever been encountered to such offer while you are in the hotel? Come let share your experience here.

More info about this hotel, feel free to browse their website at:

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